r² Diagnostics

We partner with Enzyme Research Labs to incorporate high purity proteins and reagents into clinical diagnostic kits. These kits are manufactured with “end-to-end” control over the materials and processes, making us the industry leaders for hemostasis products.

New Emicizumab Calibrator and Controls

r² Diagnostics, a sister company of Enzyme Research Laboratories (ERL), was incorporated in 1993 as an FDA 21CFR820 registered and an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer and distributer of hemostasis products for the clinical coagulation laboratory.

Among our reagents and controls we currently manufacture a low ISI, liquid thromboplastin (Phosphoplastin RL), a heparin and lupus sensitive APTT (Phospholin ES), a robust Protein S kit with 24 hour reconstituted stability (ThromboTek PSe), a kaolin activated KCT suitable for automated coagulometers (LupoTek KCT), venom based screen and confirm reagents for LA (LupoTek Detectin VL and LupoTek Correctin VL), and Thrombin Time (T-Tek) and Fibrinogen (Fibro Tek) kits built with Enzyme Research Laboratories’ human thrombin.

Please see our Products page for catalog numbers, typical tests per kit, and links to more information for the individual hemostasis products we offer.