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Assay Type
Fibrinogen Reagents
A human thrombin, Clauss assay for fibrinogen
Intended Use
The FIBROTEK FIB Fibrinogen Kit is intended for use in the quantitative determination of fibrinogen in citrated human plasma.
FibroTek Fibrinogen kit is a complete kit for the Clauss determination of fibrinogen, useful in the diagnosis of DIC, liver failure, qualitative abnormalities of fibrinogen, or quantitative deficiency of fibrinogen.
Ordering Information
Catalog # Product Kit Configuration Regulatory Classification Product Insert (PDF)
70-410 FibroTek Fibrinogen kit 100-200 Det 510(k), CE Fib_IFU


Principle of the Test
Quantitative measurement of fibrinogen is most commonly done using the Clauss technique, in which the clotting time of dilute plasma after the addition of thrombin is measured. At high thrombin concentrations (>30 NIH units/mL) and low fibrinogen concentrations, the fibrinogen level is inversely proportional to the thrombin induced clotting time.

Bovine and human thrombins have been used successfully in Clauss assays. FibroTek uses purified human thrombin.

The FibroTek Fibrinogen test is performed by adding 1 volume of Thrombin reagent to 2 volumes of diluted patient plasma and recording the time to clot formation.

Reporting Units
A calibration curve of clot time versus concentration in mg/dL is first determined with a plasma having a known concentration of fibrinogen, such as PlasmaRef ARN or Fib Calibrator. Thereafter the fibrinogen concentration of patient samples are calculated from their clot times using the fitted curve.
Handbooks and Guidelines
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